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Does training with earphones increase performance?

Does training with earphones increase performance?

You'll see a lot of people with plugged in with earbuds when you're on the gym floor. Some may be listening Dubstep, heavy metal or even a bit of Beyonce empowerment, others will be listening to motivational speeches - but what does it do? 

There's are a lot of reasons for this, mainly for performance purposes and here's why:

1) Better concentration levels - headphones blocks out the outside noise so you won't be distracted by the chatter or grunters (especially if you have a decent pair of noise cancelling wireless headphones)

2) Motivational music - listening to something more upbeat will help you pace better, especially if you're are doing some form of repetitive exercise such as cardio or using jump rope

3) Using music to trigger certain emotions - Psychologically it's proven that smells and sounds can trigger certain memories and emotions in life, therefore you have a playlist which you only listen to when you are pushing yourself during high intensity training, it can bring you back in this state

4) Makes the sessions more enjoyable - what is life without a bit of music? Let's face it, everything is much more enjoyable with a bit of music. Instead of dreading a 30 minute workout, you now look forward to it. This one is more of a long term performance improvement, as you'll be much more consistent and committed to training now.


So if this doesn't make you start training with music more often, then I'd encourage you to try training a few weeks without it vs with and see the difference in performance. 

Especially with the current unprecedented times, I personally find music with earbuds even more important if you're training in a home gym. It can be hard to replicate that commercial gym feeling, but my usual gym tracks are taking me back and keeping me super focused!

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