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How do beginners use resistance bands?

How do beginners use resistance bands?

A Resistance bands set is probably one of the safest ways to train and learn the mechanics of a movement. Here are a list of exercises I’ve compiled for a full body resistance band workout, so that you can do to effectively challenge those muscles at home!

Resistance bands for glutes and legs

Squats – there are two ways you can incorporate the resistance bands in to this classic movement. Either by stepping over the workout bands by the middle and grabbing either sides and keeping it by the shoulders at all times, or by double looping it round your thighs to give your glutes a real burn on the concentric (contraction) phase).

Deadlifts – Again, to ways to doing this here, the first being similar to the squat, standing on top of the band but keeping the bands waist side at all times of the deadlift movement. The second, a single loop around your thighs and any poll (or the resistance bands set should have a door latch to let you loop it off a door) and then take two steps forward before performing the deadlift exercise.

Resistance bands for chest

Chest Press – You can lie on the floor or a bench, or even stand (by using the doorframe latch from the resistance bands et), have the band behind your band and perform a chest press movement

Flyes – Just like the chest, but the fly will target slightly different muscles. Instead of pressing, you will go for a hug motion until your two hands meet.

Resistance bands for back

Rows – Just like the chest press but you want reverse the movement, therefore the band will be infront of you. And you may want to grab the resistance bands at a bit higher to feel a bit more tension.

Pulldowns – swing the bar over any bar you can find (or again set the door frame latch that comes with the resistance band set to the top), and then whilst kneeling on the floor you want to pull the bands and aim for your elbows to almost reach the side of your waist.

Resistance bands for shoulders

Lateral flyes – again step on top of the bands, grab both ends of the band with each hand and raise them away from you as if you’re trying to fly or pour water out (keep your elbows slightly bent during this exercise)

Shoulder press – Instead of raising to the side you want to press up above your head. You may find sitting down on the floor instead may be a little easier if it’s too hard.


So there you have it, a collection of simple exercises you can perform. I’d suggest doing all of these 3 times a week to get started, with 2 sets of each at 10 repetitions.

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