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Do Resistance bands actually work?

Do Resistance bands actually work?

With COVID-19 in full swing, a lot of us are still social distancing - staying away from the gym. As a result, many turn to resistance bands as an alternative to the gym. 

Although resistance band training isn't entirely like for like as effective than the gym. If used correctly, they can still be very effective for your fitness goals, whether it be building muscle or losing weight. 

Some of the key benefits of a resistance bands workout are:

1) One piece of fitness equipment that you can easily switch between several compound movements - you could complete a full body band workout in 25 minutes without moving around (and since it doesn't weight a thing you could be anywhere you want!)

2) Allows you to focus and learn proper technique of exercises - bodyweight exercises with resistance bands makes it much safer, since you don't have the added weight putting pressure on your joints.

3) Improve your mind to muscle control the way that bands apply resistance is different to normal weights and machine. With free weights and machines, the resistance is constant, whereas the resistance bands work on a gradient (ie the very little resistance at the beginning of the motion but gradually increasing until peak). As a result this forces you to really control the muscles to be able to fully extend your muscles to the end of it's range (swinging and using momentum will not get you there)

4) Stabilizer and core muscles are being used all throughout the whole training session - Similar to free weights, you will need to work on your stabilizer and core muscles to keep the bands within the plane of movement. Doing an ab workout with bands in this instance will be twice as effective!

5) Alternative to machines, shock your muscles with a resistance band workout without being tied to the gym - training should always be kept versatile and challenging, using resistance bands is not only refreshing for the body, but it is also for the mind. 

So the next time you want to smash out an abs workout, a legs workout, or even a full body workout consider using this simple piece of multi gym fitness equipment to spice up your training. 


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