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Resistance Bands Set

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17Pcs/Set Latex Resistance Bands Set Yoga Exercise Fitness Band Rubber Loop Tube Bands Gym Door Anchor Ankle Straps With Bag Kit


  • MULTIPLE RESISTANCE BAND CHOICES - Can easily change and combine the resistance tube bands to create different levels of resistance for progressive overload and muscle stimulation. Black (30lbs), Blue (25lbs), Red (20lbs), Green (15lbs), Yellow (10lbs) 
  • Door anchor attachment and ankle straps - can use to securely latch onto any door (without causing any damage) or strap around poles or branches outdoor for a complete workout. 
  • Handles made from foam for comfort - This will allow you to have a full body resistance band workout without slippage or damaging your hands
  • Portable for training on the go - resistance band set fits into a black bag easily - making it easy to fit into small bags and suitcases when travelling or training away from the gym
  • Giving your training extra stimulus - challenge your workouts at the gym further by attaching bands with the ankle straps to the dumbbells, this will allow you to target different muscle fibres at the same time  


Common uses: Resistant bands chest workout, resistant band back workout, resistant band workout legs, lungs with resistant bands 


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