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Portable Home Pulley Cable Machine

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Home Cable Pulley Machine, Portable and great for Lat Pulldowns, Cable Crunches, Tricep Pushdowns, Chest flyes


  • Home Cable Pulley attachment to hang off pull up bars and squat racks
  • Study and easy to set up - can load up to 100kg weight plates 
  • Use this to replicate the cable machine at commercial gyms and build a strong upper body and core strength
  • Length: 1.4m
  • Wire Thickness: 5mm
  • Material: PU and Steel
  • Max weight: 100kg


Package includes:

Heavy duty aluminium flexible sliding pulley

- Heavy duty steel carabiner (clips)

- Nylon thick braided rope (attachment) 

- Weight plate loading pole (up to 100kg)

- 5mm wear-resistant strong steel cable


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