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About Us


Fitness enthusiast Steve (qualified trainers) was affected by the lockdown of March 2020 as gyms were closed and wasn’t able to train as usual. Steve then decided to find a work around by bringing the gym to the home - without the clunky and expensive fitness equipment.
This is when he realised that he wasn’t alone with this issue... and so FitnessHaus was created. Fitnesshaus is a place for affordable and flexible training equipment and accessories to make sure you have good workout routines at home! 
From a resistance glute band workout, to dumbbell training at home, there's plenty you can do for low prices without sacrificing workout quality.
Bottom line is - lockdown or not we will all need a house of fitness to keep us versatile. 


A qualified digital marketing director, entrepreneur and personal trainer with over 10 years of experience across each field. 
Steve believes in calisthenics, gymnastics and functional workouts, and that working out should be fun and versatile. As long as you understand the concepts of training and exercises, you can achieve your goals with the simplest fitness set up.