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Glute bands - How do we build that round shape?

Glute bands - How do we build that round shape?

What are Glute bands?

Glute bands are small looped bands often made from latex or polyester, which are key to ensure that your glute (gluteus maximus) muscles are engaged throughout the whole movement of your training or exercise.

Needless to say better mind muscle engagement leads to better results - targeting and growing your glutes, or booty much more effectively!

Glute bands are known as booty bands in many instances, or sometimes even mini bands or hip bands. You can also get them in difference resistances depending on your level or training and fitness needs.

How do we use it?

You can use these in many ways, but the typical and most common way they are used is wrapped around the thighs. They are used across many lower body leg training exercises, providing stimulus across the muscles involved as well as working on your core muscles at the same time. 

For example, during the most basic compound exercise - the squat, as you hinge your hips back and push your knees out during the eccentric phase (lowering movement), you should feel additional resistance and also feel the burn across the muscles you are trying to target.


Booty bands are highly recommended at all levels of fitness, as it doesn't just teach, but also re-emphasizes your mind and muscle connection - thus ensuring you activate your glutes at all times.

Also, don't think it's for females only, the booty band should be for men and women - regardless of gender, many of us forget how to activate our glutes as they become sedentary from office jobs, sitting all day long.

Finally, it's a super lightweight and cheap piece of fitness equipment which makes you look a pro. If you've never tried it before, it's not a big investment - test it out for a month and see how it helps with your fitness goals. If it doesn't get you into shape, it for sure doesn't make you look worse, so you've got nothing to lose! 

Head over to our product page and get your first pair of booty bands, these come in either heavy duty (for the polyster feel) or the basic set. We will also be posting resistant band, booty band specific based workout exercises, so stay tuned for our "workout of the day" posts on our blog!

Heavy duty booty bands -

Basic booty bands -






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