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How to stay in shape at home without weights

How to stay in shape at home without weights

Here are some simple exercises to help you stay toned and lean without the gym or any weights:

1. Squats

If you want a nice toned body and legs, squats can be the best exercise, as it's the exercise that recruits the most muscle fibres in one movement. It also targets the gluteus maximus (also know as the glutes), which is the largest muscle in the body. Also due to the further distance the blood has to travel, the body pumps harder hence creating your body to work more, thus burning more calories.

Once these get too east, you can transition to squat jumps or even single leg squats (pistol squats)

2. Planks 

This static movement hence to tone abs and works the inner layer of your abs. But on top this, it also develops strength in your shoulders arms and glutes as you squeeze them at the same time to stabilise your body in a flat line.

To progress further, you elevate one arm or leg off the ground, or even try performing side planks

3. Push ups

Push ups are great for building strength in your upper body. It works the chest, shoulders and tricep muscles at the same time. Since you remain in the plank position at all times, you also work your ab muscles during this exericse.

Advance versions of the push up include, diamond push ups, explosive push ups, or incline push ups (elevataed your feet onto a higher surface)


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