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Resistant bands exercises for beginners

Resistant bands exercises for beginners

A lot of beginners starting their fitness journey always ask me - "resistant bands vs free weights, which is better?" 

Why do we have to choose one, why not do both? You can mix it up, with weights on some days and resistant bands with others. This will allow you to target different muscle fibers, as well as giving your joints a rest too. Not only that, but having a resistant bands home gym will help you stay consistent! 

Okay, so now that we've got that cleared up, here are a list of exercises that you can perform with just a simple piece of equipment.

 Resistance bands leg workout

- Squats, by stepping over the tube and holding the handles by shoulder length, you keep the bands where they are, hinge your hips back and slowly lower whilst keeping your core tight and back straight

- Deadlifts, similar to the squats, but having the handles by the side and pulling through rather than pushing. You will start in a lower squat position, with your glutes as far back as possible, squeezing them as you rise to a standing position

- Hip thrusts, by laying on the ground and wrapping tubes around thighs, opening hips as you rise your glutes from the ground


Resistance bands chest workout

- Push ups, aligning the tubes along your lats to perform harder variations of the push up. Make sure that when you do the press up, you want keep those abs muscles tight and elbows slightly lower than your shoulders (otherwise you risk damaging your shoulder muscles)

- Chest flyes, attaching the bands to the door frame and then performing a hug movement with both handles to your front. Try not to press during this movement as this will take away the chest muscles that we are trying to engage here!


Resistance bands back workout

Rows, similar set up to the flyes seen in the resistance bands chest workout section, but this time you will face the door an pull handles towards your chest. Make sure you keep your elbows tucked into your body throughout the whole movement to target your rhomboids (middle back)

- Reverse flyes, the opposite of the Chest flyes. Again try to keep you arms slightly bend throughout the movement and avoid it becoming a rowing movement


Resistance bands shoulder workout

- Shoulder press, by standing over the tube, and having the handles shoulder height, you will then press these over your head. (Can also combine with the squat as seen in the resistance bands leg workout section)

- Lateral shoulder raises, standing over the tube and having the handles by your side, you will raise them (whilst keeping arms closed to straight), all the way to shoulder height


So there you have it, a selection of resistance bands exercises that you can throw in to spice things up. This will keep your workouts very flexible. You can even take this on holiday, so that you don't skip any sessions.

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