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Should you cancel your gym membership?

Should you cancel your gym membership?

It often comes a time when we think about whether we can quit the gym and build our own, or just by training without any fitness equipment. Is it possible?

Before we can answer that, we'll have to weigh up the pros and cons:


  • No more monthly payments - You can save so much money over a year, in which you can then continue to invest and build a better home gym. Or better yet, if you've switched to calisthenics, you can keep that extra cash in your pocket!
  • No more sharing and asking the other gym goer "how many sets do you have left?" - You can train freely, going from the squats to the bicep curls, exercise to exercise without having to wait around for somebody to finish their set
  • No one can judge you - You can wear or not wear whatever you want during your training, or play your music as loud as you want whilst you burn through your HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout 
  • Saving time travelling -  Your home gym can't be any closer to your home, which means you'll be able to train more frequently, or give you extra time for stretching or another exercise  


    • Lack of motivation -  Often when you go to a gym, motivation comes from the fact that others are pushing themselves too which then inspires you. You won't have this at the home gym, since you'll be the only member there
    • Distraction - The gym is only designed for one purpose, to provide proper functional training - whereas at home you can switch on the tele, get a snack or even take a nap! All of these things will take you away from getting a good training session.
    • Limited fitness equipment - Chances are you'll never be able to have the exact same fitness equipment or machines as the gym, meaning your training sessions may not fully be as effective or efficient as it could be. 

    Whichever you choose to go ahead with is entirely up to your training preferences.

    Personally I have a pair of Olympic rings hung off my banister, which lets me have a really versatile training session, and building my core and abs muscles at the same time! 



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