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What equipment do I need for a home gym?

What equipment do I need for a home gym?

If you’ve thought about creating your own home gym and not sure what to get, this is the blog for you! In order to have an all round, complete home gym, I like to structure it around a solid gym routine.

Warm up/stretching 

You always, ALWAYS need to start your workout with a good 10 minute stretch. Make sure those muscles are warm, engaged and fired up for an intense training session.

For a deep stretch, I like to either use Yoga Stretch Bands, or Booty Bands (despite the name, you can use them to warm up your shoulders, back and the rest of the upper body too)

Resistance training 

Okay, so you’ve warmed up and ready to go, time for the heavy stuff. A bodyweight workout will only take you so far, so my choice of equipment to cover the bulk of the workout session would be a set of Dumbbells.

By far the most versatile and effective piece of training equipment that can challenge every muscle group whilst using your core and stabilising muscles.

Finisher (burner)

To finish your muscles off and set you up for your after training cardio, I like to do a bit of HIIT (high intensity interval training). This a couple rounds of high rep, slightly lighter weight, fast paced training.

This is where I turn to my most mobile and explosive piece of fitness equipment, the Resistance Tube Bands! The resistance is gradual, meaning light at the beginning of the movement and tough at the top. So you want to be nice and explosive with this! Also the Tube Bands will have a very low risk of injury which is perfect for finisher exercises.


Now you can either do your cardio on a separate day, or a low intensity steady state (LISS) to deplete that glycogen storage (helps to burn more fat). On top of that, it helps with your cardiovascular endurance (meaning you’ll get tired less easily during training).

Either way, the Skipping rope or Jump rope (depending on where you are from) is the most superior choice of fitness equipment. The Skipping rope burns twice as much calories in the same time as jogging, and you can do this in one spot! Therefore it’s a win-win situation.


So to sum up, you will need a Stretch Yoga or Booty Bands, set of Dumbbells, set of Resistance Tube Bands and a pair of Skipping Ropes.

Very affordable, you could probably buy all of the above for under £100 - All of this home gym equipment for sale on our FitnessHaus product page.


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