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Workout of the day - Leg Workout

Workout of the day - Leg Workout

Workout of the day will be a resistance bands home workout, leg training.

Rules: There'll be 4 different workout exercises, do each one with maximum intensity for 1 min each (and 1 minute between each exercise) for as many rounds as possible! If you can stick to this, you'll definitely get into shape in no time. 

Leg day workout:

Exercise 1 - Lunges with resistance bands

This will get your hamstrings and quads nice and warm, make sure you engage your core, keep your back straight, and create two right angles as you come down

Exercise 2 - Resistance bands deadlift

Next up, is the big compound movement, activating pretty much all of your lower body. You want to again tighten that core muscle, hinge your hips back and slowly lower the bands and bending your knees (whilst keeping them close to your shins) 

Exercise 3 - Resistance bands squats

Another big compound movement, you want to make sure you push your hips as you lower, and squeezing those glute muscles as you come up

Exercise 4 - Air squats

No resistance needed here, just good old fashioned body weight, try to get as many reps (repetitions) as you can to really get your heart rate up and burn some more calories


And then that's it, let us know how you get along! Aim to get around 3 to 4 rounds - this is also known as circuit training. If you woud like more resistance band workout for beginners, definitely stay tuned!

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