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With COVID-19 at full swing as we move into flu season, it's best that we try to train at home as much as possible. (Probably also the cheapest gym membership you'll ever have) There are a whole range of fitness equipment that can keep you on your fitness goals without sacrificing workout quality. Although if you're limited to budget, space or just want to know which to focus on, here is our breakdown. Dumbbells Lifting weights is the most basic form of training. We all know it, we all see it in every commercial gym. Dumbbell training at home is probably...

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Massage guns

Massage Guns, these are definitely one of the biggest health and fitness topics talked about over the last decade! But what do they really do?

What this piece of fitness equipment does is, it uses different attachments or heads that pulses at different RPMs (repititions per minute) across your body and muscles. The aim is to stimulate the muscle and activate them the same way a massage would do.

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Training with headphones?

You'll see a lot of people with plugged in with earbuds when you're on the gym floor. Some may be listening Dubstep, heavy metal or even a bit of Beyonce empowerment, others will be listening to motivational speeches - but what does it do? 

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Workout of the day - Leg Workout

Workout of the day will be a resistance bands home workout, leg training.

Rules: There'll be 4 different workout exercises, do each one with maximum intensity for 1 min each (and 1 minute between each exercise) for as many rounds as possible! If you can stick to this, you'll definitely get into shape in no time. 


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Exercises for resistance bands

A lot of beginners starting their fitness journey always ask me - "resistant bands vs free weights, which is better?" 

Why do we have to choose one, why not do both? Beside, having a resistant bands home gym will help you stay consistent! 

Okay, so now that we've got that cleared up, here are a list of exercises that you can perform with just a simple piece of equipment.

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