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Workout of the day - Leg Workout

Workout of the day will be a resistance bands home workout, leg training.

Rules: There'll be 4 different workout exercises, do each one with maximum intensity for 1 min each (and 1 minute between each exercise) for as many rounds as possible! If you can stick to this, you'll definitely get into shape in no time. 


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Exercises for resistance bands

A lot of beginners starting their fitness journey always ask me - "resistant bands vs free weights, which is better?" 

Why do we have to choose one, why not do both? Beside, having a resistant bands home gym will help you stay consistent! 

Okay, so now that we've got that cleared up, here are a list of exercises that you can perform with just a simple piece of equipment.

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The Big Five Exercises

When it comes to training, whether you're trying to exercise to lose weight or to build muscle, there are 5 main exercises you must add to your repertoire.

The common theme with these exercises is that they all recruit more than one muscle fibres, therefore increasing the output and efficiency of your workouts, to help you burn fat or build muscle! These are known as compound exercises.




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Considered getting a personal trainer?

My advice before diving into this though is to have a fitness consultation with a few trainers that you feel comfortable with first (this is usually free). Once you have an idea of what to expect, you can then take on a trainer for at least 3-6 months you get you on your feet!

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Tips to spice up your home workouts:

When training at home, it's natural to feel like your muscle growth or fitness goals will be limited. But with a few little tweaks, you can really crank up the intensity of your workouts:

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