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Top fitness tips you need to know!

When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, there are a few tips and tricks to make sure that you stay right on track for this. Remember what happens after training is just as important as the training itself.

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How to stay in shape at home without weights

Here are some simple exercises to help you stay toned and lean without the gym or any weights

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Different types of skipping ropes - which should you use?

Depending on the level of fitness and your personal goals, there are different types of skipping ropes that will help you achieve this:

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What are Glute bands?

Glute bands are small looped bands often made from latex or polyester, which are key to ensure that your glute muscles are engaged throughout the whole movement of your training or exercise.

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Do Resistance bands actually work?

With COVID-19 in full swing, a lot of us are still social distancing - staying away from the gym. As a result, many turn to resistance bands as an alternative to the gym. 

Although resistance band training isn't entirely like for like as effective than the gym. If used correctly, they can still be very effective for your fitness goals, whether it be building muscle or losing weight. 

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